Dec 22

Sekitar Jualan Kembali ke Sekolah 2019

22 Disember 2018 (SABTU)

9.00 pg – 4.00 ptg

Tempat: Astaka Koperasi SMK Seri Serdang

07cae559-e6ad-4cb5-8983-a5523f31856a 7cb82f05-ddaf-43ce-b1cf-4e031f4e2f70 039fa513-1b61-4278-adce-8ff35a512b62 165a334a-e6b7-4f2a-ac14-6d7211161adc 44173f53-00c6-4157-be40-f2f6a216b62b b4ba72e4-3215-45b3-8621-d35506d1ef8e

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